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Hud - Hud

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a A ad abase abide abiding abject able abominations above Abraham abundance accept according Act acting add added admonish admonished advise afar aforetime after afterward again against Ah Al Judi Alif all Allah Allah s aloof already also am amid among an and angel animal annul another answer answered any appointed are art as ascribe Ask Assuredly astray at aught availed averse averted Aware away awe Awful back backs be bear beast because been befall befallen befell before behalf behaviour behind behold belied believe believed believers besetting beside best betake Bethink better between Beware bidding birth blessings blind boastful Book bountiful bounty breast breasts bring bringer brother brought Build building but by calf call callest cam came camel can cannot case cause causing cease charge chiefs chieftains child circumvent clans clay clear cleared clothing clouds come cometh command commanded commandment commit compel concede conceived concern concerning conduct confound contrive conveyed corruption could counsel counted course cover create created cried crimes crooked Cry curse daughters day days deaf death debar deeds deem defer degrade delay delayed deliver denied departed dependeth derided desire desireth despairing destroyed destruction did differing disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers disbelieveth disobey disputation disputed distressed distressful do Doer doeth doing doom Dost Doth double doubt down drowned due dwelling place dwellings dwelt each earth Embark ends endure Enjoy enjoyment equal escape Establish estate Even every everyone evil example except exhortation expounded exultant eyes failed fair fall family far fathers fear feed female few fill Fire firm flouted fold folk follow followed for forelock forgive forgiveness Forgiving forsake forth found friends from froward fruitless fulfilled full Garden gathered gave generations gift Give given giveth glad Glory go gods going gone good goods grace grasp graspeth grave great greater greatest Guardian guests guide guilty gushed habitation had hamstrung hands Hapless harm harsh hast hath have He hear hearer heart hearts heavens hell helped her Here Hereafter herein hidden hide Him his hitherto honoured hope house household how Hud humble husband I if ignominy ignorant ill deeds ills imploring in incline indeed Informed injure injustice innocent inspiration inspire inspired invent invented inventeth Invisible is Isaac it its Jacob jinn judged Judges Just justice keep keeper kind knew knewest know knowest knoweth knowledge Lam lasting laughed lead leave leaveth led lest Let liars lie lied lieth life like likely Lo Load long Lord Lord s losers loseth lost Lot Loving made magic make male man mankind Marked matter may me means measure meet men Merciful mercy mere merit messengers Midian might Mighty mild minded mindful misfortune mistrusted mock moment mooring more morning mortal mortals Moses Most mount mountain mountains much Muhammad multiplied my name nation nations naught nay near neglected never news nigh night no No one Noah none nor not now O obscure of off Oh old on one only or order other others Our oven over overtake overthrew overtook own Owner owners painful pair pardon part parties partners pass passed path patience pay Peace penitent people perdition perfected permission persevere person Pharaoh place placed plain pleaded pomp portent portion possessed possessing potentate power Praise prayer presence proclaim profit promise proof property prostrate protect protecting providence punishment purer put Ra rain rained raised reach reached reaped reciteth reckoned Record reflect reflection reform refuge relate relieth rely reminder remnant removal removed repay repelled repentant repository resist respect respite Responsive rest Resurrection retribution return returned revealed revelations reward ride right rightful roasted round ruin running said sailed saith Salih sapless Save saved saveth saw say sayest saying schism scorn Scripture see seek Seer seize seized sense sent sequel Serve set shall She ship short should Shu eyb sighing similitude sin six sky smite smiteth So some something son soon soul souls speak spring standing still stoned stones story straight straitened strange strength strife strong subside such suffer support surahs Surely surrender surround surroundeth sustaineth sustenance Swallow taste tellest ten term Thamud than thankless that the thee their Theirs them themselves then there thereby therefor therein thereof thereto thereupon these they thing things This those thou though thoughts threat threatenest three Throne thrust thus thy thyself tidings till time to together token too torment touch toward towards township townships transgress travel tread treasure treasures tribe trust Truth truthful try tryst turn two tyrannously unabated unaware under understand unfailing Unless Unseen until unto up upon upright Us used vain Verily very wages wailing wait waiting want ward warn warner warrant was watch watcher watches water watering place wave waves way We weak wealth weight welfare well well to do were what when wherein whereof wherewith which while whither who whole whom whoso Why wicked wife will willed willeth Wise with withdraw withholdeth without witness witnessed witnesses woe woman Wonderest wont Word works world worship worshipped would wouldst wretched wrong wrong doers wrongdoing wronged ye yet you your