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An-Nahl - The Bee

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a abandoned abject Able abode abomination above Abraham abundance add advance afflicted after afterward against Ah all Allah Allah s allowed already also amend amends among an and angels another any appointed Arabic are aright armour arrogant art as ascribe ascribed Ask asked asking asses asseveration assign associate Assuredly astray at attribute aught Await Aware away awe awful back be bear beasts beauty became because bee been before behold being belief believe believer bellies belongeth beneath beside Best bestowed bethink better between betwixt bidden binding birds birth blood bondmen bounties bounty break brief bring bringeth brought building burden burdens bury But by Call came camp cannot caparison carrion carry cast cattle cause causeth charged chattel Choose chose chosen clean clear clothing coats coin coineth come cometh comfort coming command commandment concerning conduct confirm consequence constrained contempt content control conveyance corruption could count covenant covenanted craving created createth creature creatures crops cry darkened date palm daughters Day dead dearth death debar debarred deceit deeds delivered denied deniers deny derive desire desirest devil devise did die dieth differ differed directeth direction disbelief disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers disbelieveth disbelieving Disgrace dislike distress divers do doers doeth doom doth down drink drinkers driven drop dumb dust duty dwell dwelt ears earth ease eat Eden endurance Endure enjoineth enjoy enjoyment Enter equal error escape Even ever every evil evils Exalted exhortation exhorteth experience explain exposition expound eye eyes fables face failed fair fairseeming Faith false falsehood falsely fathers favour favoured favours fear fell female filaments find findeth Fire firm firmly fling flow fluid folk Follow followers followeth food foolhardiness foot for forasmuch forbidden forbiddeth forced Forgiving forth fought foundations fresh friend fro from fruit fruits fugitives Fulfil Full fur gain garb Garden Gardens gates gave give given giving Glorified go gods going good goodly grace gradual grandsons grapes great greater Grieve grow guidance guide guided guideth habitations had hair hand hands haply hasten hath have having He healing hear hearing heart hearts heat heavens heed heedless hell help helpers her Hereafter herein hereon hidden hides hideth High hills Him himself hint His hold holdeth holy home horses Hour houses how hues idolaters if ignorance ill deeds immolated in incline indeed ingrates inspired instead intend into invent inventing inwardly is it its itself Jews judge judgment just justice keep kind kindness kinds kinsfolk knew know Knower knoweth knowing knowledge land landmarks lawful leave led left lesson lest lewdness liars lie life light like living Lo loads lodging Lord Lord s losers loveth lowly made make maketh making male man mankind matter may mayst Me means meat men Merciful mercy mere message messenger messengers mid air might Mighty migration milk misfortune mislead misleadeth mock moon more Most mothers mountains Muhammad mules My name nation nations nature naught Nay nearer neither night no None nor not nothing nourishment Now numerous O oaths obedient observed of off old olive on one only open openly opponent opposed oppressed or order ornament ornaments other others our out outcast outlandish over own owner owneth painful palatable partners pass pasture path patient patiently patron pay Peace people perfect persecuted pitching Pity place places plain plan planted pleading Pleasant plotted ploughing portent portents portion possess power Powerful Praise price proclaim proclaiming proffer promise proofs proportion prostration proud provided provision punish purchase pure put quake qualify quicken Qur an raise raised rather reach reacheth reason receiveth recitest reckon recompense reflect refuge refuse related religion remaineth remember Remembrance repaid repayeth repent reprieved reprieveth respect Resurrection reveal revealed revealeth revelation revelations reviveth reward rid ride right righteous rivers roads roof Sabbath said sake Satan save say saying Scripture sea sealed secretly secure see seek seen seest seize seized send sendeth sense sent serve service set shadows shall she shelter ships should shun side sight similitude similitudes sky slave slaves slip small smooth smote so some somewhat sons soul speak speech spendeth Spirit stage star stars steadfast still straight strayeth streams strong struck Sublime submission subservient succeed such sun surely surety surrender surrendered surrounded swallow swear swineflesh take task taste teacheth term than thank Thankful thanks that thatch the thee their theirs them themselves then thence there thereby therein thereof thereto therewith these they thin Thine thing things this those thou thread Thus thy tidings to tongues too torment township transgressing travel trees trieth trouble trust truth turn twinkling Two unclean underneath undiminished unravelleth Unseen unto up upon upright Us used uses vanity verily ward warm Warn was wasteth wasting water way ways We wear well were what whatever whatsoever when whence Where wherein whereof wherewith whether which while whithersoever who whom whose whoso Whosoever wickedness will willed wisdom Wise with without witness wives Woeful wombs wont wool word world worship worshipped would wrath writings wrong wrong doers wrong doing wronged wronging wroth wrought ye yet you your yours yourselves