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Al-Kahf - The Cave

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a abandoned abide able about Adam add after afterward again against ages all Allah along am among an and angels announce another any anything appointed are aright armlets as ascribe ascribed ask asked asking asleep assign assigned assuredly astray at aught awakened Aware away awe awful back bank barren barrier be bear bearers became because becometh been before began behind behold being believe believed believers believeth believing belonged belonging beneath beset beside best bethink better between Blest Blow blown bolt bondmen Book both boys breakfast Bring brought build building burneth but by Calamitous calculate call came can canst case caused Cave certain change children choose chosen city clear cleft cliffs closely coin come cometh command company compass comrade concerning condition conduct confronted confronting consequence contend contending contentious copper could couldst counted Countenance courteous coverings created creation crookedness cry date palms Day deafness deeds deemed deemest desire desiring destroyed destruction Dhu l Qarneyn did Didst disbelief disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers Disbelievest disclosed displayed disputed do doeth dog done doom doth doubt down dreadful drink drop drown dry due dust Each earn ears earth Eden effort eighth Either embroidery emerging encloseth end endure enemy enormity enteredst escape established even evening ever every evil doers Except exchange exclaimed excuse exhausted eyes faces fair fall falling falsehood fashioned father fathers fatigue fault feared fearful fell few filled find finest fire firm first fish Five fixed fled flight flow folk follow followed followeth food footsteps for force forget forgettest forgetteth forgiveness Forgiver forgot forth forward found fourth free friend friends from fruit full further gainsay gap garden Gardens gather gathering gave Give given go gods goeth Gog gold gone good goodly government grapes great greater greatest green grief guessing guests guidance guideth guiding guilty gulf gush had hadst hands hard hast hasten hath have He hear hearing heart hearts heaven heavens heedless hell help helpers hills hillside him himself hindereth his hither hole hoodwinked hope hopeth horrid Hour How hundred I Iblis If ill in increased indeed inform ink innocent Inscription inspireth instead intended interpretation into inventeth Invisible iron is it its jest jinn journey journeyed Judgment keen keep kind kindness king knew know knoweth knowledge lad land lay lead leave leaveth led left less lest let levelled lie life like Lo long Lord Lord s losers lost low lust made Magog make maketh man mankind manner mar march marvel may mayst me meet meeting men mention mercy messengers met might mightest mild mindful Mine mingleth misleaders molten more morn morning mortal Moses mound mountains mouths move muddy Muhammad My myself narrate naught nearer never news nine no no one none nor not now number O obey observed of old on One only oppress or order ornament orphan other others Our out outward over overlook own Paradise parents part parties parting partner partners pass past patience patient paws pay payment people perish pieces pierce pillow place placed plain plight point pomp poor portents pour Praise prayer prepare prepared presence present pretended promise pronounce prosper prostrate protecting protection punish punishment purest purity put question Qur an raised random ranks reach reached rebelled rebellion received recite reckon reclining refuge refused refute religion remember remembrance reminded reminder remove removed repaired resort respect resting place Restrain Resurrection retraced revealed revelations reward right righteous rising rising place river rivers road robes rock rose ruin ruined said Satan save Say saying scarce scatter Scripture sea sealed search see seed seek seeking seen seest send sendeth servant set setting setting place Seven Shall shalt shape share sharer shelter ship should show showered showers side sight silk silver similitude similitudes sixth sky slain slave slaves slew small smooth So some son soul spake speak speaker spent spoiling spread spring statement steps stern stone stood story straight strength stretching strong stronger Such suffer sun supply surely surge surmount surrounded take taken taking tarried task taught teach tell tent term than that the thee their theirs them themselves Then thence there thereabout thereby Therefor therefrom therein thereof thereon These they thine thing things think This those thou though thought threatened three threshold throne thus thy thyself till tillage time to together tomorrow took torment township townships treasure trellises tribute troop true Trumpet Truth try tryst turn turned turneth twain twigs two understand unless until unto up upon us used utter vain vegetation verily view vouchsafed waking wall warn warners warning warrant was water waters way We Wealth wear weight welcome Well went were What when where Wherein whereof wherewith which while who whoever whom whose whosoever will willeth willing wilt winds wish wished with withdraw withheld witness won wonder word words work working works world worship would wouldst wring wrong wronged wrongeth wroth ye years yet you young your