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Al-Hajj - The Pilgrimage

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a A ad abhorrence abject Able abolisheth Abraham Absolute adoration after afterward again against all Allah Allah s allowed Almighty also am among an ancient and angels anguish any appointed are armlets around as Ascribe ascribeth ascribing Assuredly at attack attain Aware away back bar barren be beast beasts because becometh been befall befalleth before beggar beguile behind behold believe believed believers bellies belongeth benefit benefiteth benefits beside Best bestowed between bid birds blessed blind blown boiling bosoms both Bow bring brought burden burning but by call calleth camel camels cattle cause causeth cease ceremonies chooseth chosen Christians churches clear cloisters clot coined combine come command concerning consecrated contend content could create created cut Day days dead decide decreed deep defendeth Delight delivered denial denied deny deserted destroyed devil devotion did die died dieth differ disastrous disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers disease dispelleth dispute disputeth do doeth doom doth doubt down drawn driven drop drunken due dust dweller dwellers dwelling each ears earth earthquake easy eat end endeavour enjoin enraged enter entry envy error establish establisheth even events every evil evil doers eyes faces faileth faith fall fallen falleth falling false far far off fast father fear feed feel fight filth Fire Flame flanks fled flesh flow fluid fly folk followest followeth food foot for forbid forget Forgiving forth friend from froward Full Gardens garments gave gentle give given giving Glorious go God gold good grasped graves Great green grow growth guidance guide guided guideth guiding had hands hang hapless haply hardened hardship harm Hast hasten hath have He heads hear Hearer hearts heaven heavens heed Helper helpeth her Hereafter High hills Him himself His hold holdeth holy homes honour hooked Hour House how humble humbly hurteth I idolaters idols if ignominy in indeed indulged Indulgent infants ingrate iniquity instead intendeth into Inviolable iron is it Jews journey s judge justly kind kindness know Knower knowest knoweth knowledge known laid land lawful lean leave let lieth life light like lines little Lo lofty long Lord loseth loss Lot love lovely loveth lump lying made Magians magnifieth magnify make maketh man mankind many marge matter may Me means measure melted men mention mentioned Merciful message messenger messengers Midian Mild mislead moon morrow Moses mosques most mother much Muhammad Muslims My name named narrow nation naught nearer never night no Noah nomad none nor not nursing nursling O of offerings oft old on one only open opponents opposition oppressor or oratories others Our out over Owner owners painful pardon partiality partner partners pass path patient Patron pay payeth pearls perform pilgrimage Pity place plain poor poor due poured power Praise pregnant prepared pride proclaim promise promised prophet proposed proposeth prosper prostrate prostration Protecting provide provision pulled punishment purify purpose put quickeneth rageth raiment raise ravine reach reacheth recite recited reckon record religion remain remember repelling rescue respect Resurrection retaliated return returned reveal revelation revelations rich right rightful rites ritual rivers rods roof rope round ruins runneth Sabaeans sacred sacrifice said Sanction Satan save Say saying schism scorneth Scripture sea see seed seeker seeketh seen Seer Seest seized send sendeth sent sequel Shall shameful shapeless shapely sheer ship shun sight silk similitude sinful skins sky slain slaves snatched So some something sought Sovereignty speech spend stand stars strategy strength stretch strive Strong subject submit subservient Subtile succour such suffer summon sun suppliant surely surrender swell taketh taste temptation term terrible Thamud than thanks that the thee their them then thence there therefor therein thereof thereon therewith These They thing things think this those thou though thought thousand thrill through Thus thwart thy tidings time to together told too took tower township travelled treacherous trees tremendous trial tribes True truth Turning twain two unawares underneath unfortunate unjustly unkemptness unless until unto up upon used utterly verily victory vows warner warrant was water way We weak well were what whatever when Whenever whereat Whereby wherein whereof whereon wherewith whether which While who whom whose whoso whosoever will wilt wind Wise with within without witness witnesses wombs wont works world worse worship worshippeth would wrangle wronged wrongful ye years yet you young your yours yourselves