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Ash-Shu'araa - The Poets

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a A ad Aaron abase abasement about Abraham acting after afterward again against aided all Allah also alternately am among an and another any appear appointed Arabic Arabs ardently are around art As ask assuredly astray at avail availeth Aware away awful Aye balance banished be bear became because been before behind behold beholders being belief believe believed believers Beneficent benefit Best between bewitched bowed bring bringeth brother brought Build but by called came Can cattle caught caused causeth cease chief chiefs child Children choosest cities come cometh command concern conclusive conduct content contented cords corruption counsel created creatures crime crucify cry Crying cut day death deed deem delight denied deny descend destroyed devils devoted did didst die disobey do doctors doing doom doomed doth doubtless down dreadful drew drink drive drowned due duty dwell dwellers dwellings each eagerly earth East embarrassed enemy enslaved equal err erring error estate Even ever every evil fable fair faith faithful fall false falsely father fathers favour fear feared feedeth feet fields first fled flung folk follow for force forefathers forgive forth found fragments fresh friend from froward fruitful full Garden gardens gathered gathering generations give giveth gloom go god going good goods great grow guide guilty had hamstrung hand hands haply harm Hast hasten hate hath have He healeth hear Hearer hearing heart hearts heaven heavens heavy sheathed hell help her here herein hew high him his hope host hosts household how Hud hurled hurt I Iblis idols if ill in indeed inform ingrates inherit inheritors innocent inspired Instead intercessors into invoke is Israel it its judge judgment keep kill kind kindness kindred kinsfolk knew know Knower knowing knowledge laden land last later leave left less lest Let liars life like listen little Lo long Lord Lord s Lot loving lower lowest made madman magic make maketh making males man manifest mankind many may mayst me measure meet men Merciful message messenger messengers Midian might Mighty Mim mischief misled monument mortal Moses most mountain much Muhammad My nation naught Nay near necks never nigh night no Noah Noah s nor not now number O obey of off offenders Oh old on one only oppressors or other others Our out outcast overtook overturned own painful palm trees part parted past penitent people perceive Pharaoh Pharaoh s place plain plainly poets portent power pray preach preachest prisoners prodigal Produce promised prostrate pursued put quarrelling rain rained raised Rather read ready rear Recite reckoning reform remain remember reminder report reprieved reproachest repulse retribution return revealed revelation revelations reverse reward right righteous said Salih Save saved saw say saying scoff Scripture Scriptures sea secure seducers See seek seen seeth seize send sent serpent set Shall She she camel ship show Shu eyb sicken sin sinful sins skilful sky slaves Smite So some something sons soon speak speech Spirit spread staff standest staves stayed stoned story stray strongholds suddenly summoners sunrise sure surely swallowed Ta take taken taught Thamud than that the thee their them themselves then there Therefor therein these they thine things this Those thou Though threw throw Thus thy thyself tidings till tilled time to together token tokens tongue tormentest touch toward township traverse treasures tribe troop True trust truth truthful turn twain two tyrants understand unite unto up upon us used vain valley vast verily vindicate Vouchsafe vouchsafed wage ward warn warned warner warners was wast watereth watersprings We wealth weigh well were West what when Where whereat wherewith whether which white who whole whom will wilt wing winners wisdom wise with wives wizard wizards woman wood works Worlds worship Would wrong wrongdoing wronged ye years yet you your