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As-Sajda - The Prostration

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a afterward Alif alike all Allah also amid among an and angel appointed are aright as ascendeth avail await awaiting back barren be became because beds before began believe believed believer beside bestowed between breathed bring brought But by came can cattle charge Children clay cometh command concerning could Couldst created creation crops cry day Days death deeds deny desire despised destroyed differ directeth disbelieve disbelievers do doom doth doubt down draught dwelling earth eat effect event every evil evil liver evildoers faith fall fashioned fear fill Fire firmly fluid folk for Forasmuch forget forgot forsake forth friend from Gardens gather gave generations give given good greater guidance guided guilty had hang haply hath Have he heads heard hearing hearts heaven heavens heed hell hid him his hope how hymn I if immortality in into invented Invisible Is Israel issue it its jinn joy judge kept Knower knoweth Lam land lead leaders like Lo Lord lost lower made make man mankind many may mayst Me measure mediator meeting Merciful Mighty Mim Moses mounted Muhammad Nay neither No not now O observe of On Only or ordinance Our places portents praise prostrate protecting punishment re created receiving reckon remember reminded reprieved requite Resurrection retreat return returned revelation revelations reward right said Say scornful Scripture see seed seen send shall sight six Small So soul spend Spirit steadfast Such sure taste than thanks that the thee their them themselves then thence there therein therewith they things this thither those thou thousand Throne thy to together took torment Truth truthful turneth unto us used verily victory Visible walk warn warner water We welcome what When Whenever wherein whereof which who whom whose will willed with withdraw word works Worlds wrong ye years you your yours