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Al-Ghaafir - The Forgiver

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a A ad abhorrence abode about Accepter after afterward aileth all Allah Allah s Almighty alter although am among an And another any anything appointed approaching are argue argued aright arise arrogant art as ascribe ascribed ask associate Assuredly astray at attain avail availed availeth averse away awful back be bear because become befell before behind being believe believed believer believers believeth believing belongeth benefits Beside between blessed blind boiling bondmen borne bosoms Bountiful bounty breasts bring bringeth bringing brought Build But by call called Came canopy carcans cattle cause caused causeth ceased chains child Children choking claim clear clot come cometh comfort coming command commanded commandment comprehendest concerning conduct confess confide confusion consequence could course created creation Creator cry curse day death debarred deceive deceiveth deliverance denied deny descendants did die died disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers disdainful disgraced do doeth done doom doth doubt doubter down dragged dreadful drop dust dwell dwelling place each early earn earned earth eat Eden else encompassed ended enduring Enter Entreat equal error evening ever every Evil evil doer evil doers evils Exalter excuse exposed exulted eyes factions failed fairseeming faith fall falsely family fashioned fate fathers fear female Fire flee folk Follow followers following for forbidden forgive forgiveness Forgiver forth fortune friend from fulfilled full Garden Gardens gates gave give given giveth go god good greater greatly guards guidance guide guideth Ha habitation had Haman haply Hast hateful hath Have having He hear heard Hearer heart hearts heavens heed hell help Hereafter herein hid hidden hide Him His home Hour hours how however hymn I if ill ill deed ill deeds in informed inherit injustice instead intercessor into invoked is Israel it Joseph journeying judge judged judgeth kept kill kingdom know Knower knoweth knowledge Korah land law leave left let liar lie life like Little live Living Lo look Lord lost lying made Majestic make making male man mankind Many may me means Meeting men mercy messenger messengers mightier Mighty Mim mock more morning Moses most much Muhammad my nation nature naught necks need neither never night no Noah Noah s None nor not nothing nourished Now numerous O of off old on One only or ordaineth Our out owners part partner partners passing patience payeth people perfected perverted petulant Pharaoh Pharaoh s plight plot plotted policy portent portents portion possessed power Praise praises pray prayer presence preserver pride print proclamation prodigal prodigals promise promised proofs protector proud provided provision punishment pure purposed quickeneth Ranks reach Reckoning reflect refuge refuse refute reject relieve religion remember reminder repaid repent repentance repentant requited rest return revelation revelations rid ride right roads round ruin ruined said saith satisfy save saw say saying scorn scorner scornful Scripture see seed seeing seek seen seer seize seized send sendeth sent service severe shapes ship should show showeth sight sin since sins sky slaves Slay So some sons sorcerer soul Sovereignty spare Spirit Stern still stint strength strike Strong Sublime Such Suffer Summoning supreme surely surrender swift take taken term terrible Thamud than thanks that the thee their theirs them themselves then there thereby therefor therein thereof these they thing things think thinking This those thou though threateneth throats Throne Through thrust Thus thy till to to day together tokens told torment tower traces traitor travelled triumph true Truth truthful turn turned turneth twice understand understanding unto upon uppermost upriseth Us used vain vanity Verily ward warded wardest Warn warrant was waters way we weak were what when Where whereof whereunto wherewith whether which while Who whom Whose whoso will willeth wise with without witnesses wives women wont word works world Worlds worship would wrangle wrath wrong wrong doers ye Yea yet you your Yours