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Ash-Shura - Consultation

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a A in Able above Abraham accepteth account acknowledged add affair affairs after against all Allah allowed Almost alone already also am amendeth among an and angels announceth Answer any appointed Arabic are argue argument around art as ask assembling astray asunder at averse averting Aware awful Balance banners barren be beasts because been befall before behind believe belongeth beside besides bestowed bestoweth better between blame bondmen bounty breasts bring bringeth But by call callest calmeth came cannot canst cattle cause causeth choose chooseth chosen cometh comfort command commanded commended community concerning convey could counsel createth creation Creator Day dead decisive deed deeds defend defendeth desireth despaired differ disbelievers disgrace dispersed dispute divided Do done doom dost doubt down Dreadful earned earth enlarge enlargeth escape establish eternal every evil evil doers Exalted exposed exulteth eyes Faith far fearful fee female females Fire Flame flowering follow for forgive forgiveness Forgiver forgiveth Forgiving forth friend friends from Garden Gardens gather give given giveth gone good gracious grateful great guardian guerdon guide guideth Ha had hands harvest hasten hath have having He Hearer heart heaven heavens help helper Hereafter herein hidden him himself His hopeless host Hour housefolk how humble hymn I idolaters if ill ill deed in increase indecencies Informed ingrate inherit inspire inspired inspireth instead into invented is it its Jesus journeying judged just keep keys kinsfolk knewest know Knower knoweth knowledge last lasting lawful leave Lecture lie life light like likeness lo looking Lord lose losers loveth lovingkindness lusts made maketh male males man mankind matter may mayst meadows measure men Merciful mercy message messenger might Mighty Mim mingleth misfortune more mortal Moses mother town much Muhammad multiplieth my Naught nigh no Noah nor not Now O of offspring on one only oppress or ordained Our out over own painful pairs pardoneth partners passing path patient perish perpetual portents portion power Powerful praise Praiseworthy preferment protecting providence provideth provision put Qaf quickeneth rain reach rebel refuge refusal religion rent repentance Responsive Resurrection return reveal revealed revelation revelations right rivalry road save saving say saying scoreth Scripture sea sealed see seek Seer seest sendeth sent ships should shun signs Sin sins slaves so some Sovereignty speak spend Spirit spreadeth steadfast still straiteneth striketh Strong Sublime such suffered summon surely surface taste term that the thee their theirs them themselves then there therefor therein thereof they Thine things This those thou through thus thy to together torment toward Tremendous trust truth turn turneth unless until unto upon upright Us veil veiled verdict verily vindicate vouchsafed wage Warden warder warn was way We weight were what whatever whatsoever when whereby whereof which while who Whom whose whoso whosoever will willed willeth wilt wind wipe Wise wish with word words works world worship worst would wrath wrong wrong doers wrongfully wroth ye you your yourselves