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Al-Maaida - The Table

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a abide Able abode abomination above accepted accepteth account accursed Adam admonished admonition affection aforetime after afterward afterwards again against al Islam alike all All Embracing All Knowing Allah Allah s along also alternate Am amendeth among an and animals ankles announced another answered any anything apes appointed approach are arrows art as ascertained ascribeth aside ask asked astray at attract aught avail average away awful back Bahirah Be Bear beast beasts beating became because become becometh been befall before behalf being belief believe believed believers believeth belongeth beneath bequest beside Best bestowed bestoweth better between beware bewildered bidden binding bird birds blame blamer blind blood blow born both bound bounds bounty bow breaking breasts bribe bring bringeth brother brother s brought burden But by calamity call came camest campaigning can cannot carrion case cast catch cattle cause caused cease certain certainty cessation chance change changing charge charity chastise chastiseth cheer chieftains Children choose chosen Christians clay clean cleanse clear Clement closet clothing Come cometh commandedst commandment community completed concerned concubines conduct confirming consequences contact context control contumacy convey conveyance conveyed corpse corrupters corruption could covenant cradle createth creating creatures crucified cursed cut darkness David day days dead deaf Deal death death stroke decree decreed dedicated deed deeds degradation Delight delivered denied denieth deny desired desires desist despair destroy devoured devouring did Didst differ disbelief disbelieve disbelieved disbelievers disbelieveth disbelieving disciples disclaim disclaimest disclosures discover disease distinguish divine divining do doeth domestic done doom doometh doth doubt down draweth drink duty dwell dwelt each ear earnest earth earthly eat eaten effort efforts elbows else empanel enmity Enough enter equitable equity equivalent erred erreth establish even ever everyone evil evil doers evil livers evil speaking except exclaimed exemplary expelled expiation expoundeth expounding extinguisheth eye eyes faces failed faith fall fallen falling falsehood fast fasting fathers favour fear feared feareth fearing feast feed feeding feet female fettered few fight find findeth Fire first fish flight flow folk follow food footsteps for Forbid forbidden forced forfeit forget forgive forgiveness forgiveth Forgiving forgoeth forgot fornication forth fortune forty found friends from froward Fulfil further gain game games Gardens garlands gate gathered gathereth gave giant Give given giveth glorified go gods going good goring Gospel grace gracious great Greedy grieve ground guardian guardians guidance guided guideth had Hami hand handiwork hands happen happened hard harm harming hast hath hatred have He heads heal hear Hearer hearken heart hearts heaven heavens height hell hell fire Help helpers here Hereafter herein Hidden hide hiding high Him himself his holy honour hope horns hostility hounds House how human humble hunger hunt hunting hurt I idolaters idols if ignominy ignorance ill illicit immense immolated imposed imputed in increase indeed indentures infamy inform Informed injure Inscribe inspired interval into invent inviolable is Israel it its jest Jesus Jews journey journeying judge judged judgest judgeth judgment jurisdiction just justice justly Ka bah keep Kill killed killeth killing kind kindly kings kinsman knewest know Knower knowest knoweth knowledge known land last lasting law lawful Leave led left lend leper lest let liberation lie life light lightly like likely likeness listen Listeners little live Lo loan long Lord losers love loved loveth made magic make making male mankind manslaughter many marriage Mary matter maturity may me means men mention Merciful mercy mere merit message messenger messengers Messiah Mighty Mind minded mindful mine moderate monks Month monuments more mortals Moses Most mother mouths much Muhammad muslims my myself naked name nature naught Nay near nearer nearest nearly needy neither never nigh no none nor nose not nourished Now O oaths obey Observe observed of off offered offering offerings often old on once one ones only or ordained ordaineth order other other s others our out over overflow overpower own owners pagan painful paradise pardon pardoneth part partners party passed past path paths pay peace People perfect perfected permission persons pilgrimage pious place placed plain pleaseth pleasure plenty plight poor poor due poordue portions possesseth prayer prescribed presence prey priests proclaim prodigals Profane profiteth promised proofs Prophet prophets protect proud provision punish punished punisheth punishment purify purpose put Qur an rabbis race raise raised ransom rather raven rebelled rebellious receive received recite recognition recourse relapseth relent religion Remember remembrance remit renegade repairing repent repentant repenteth Requite response restrained Resurrection retaliation retribution return reveal revealed revelations reward rewarded right righteous righteousness rightful rightly rise rivers road rub Sa ibah Sabaeans Sacred sacrifice said saintly saith sake same Satan Satan s satisfy save saved saveth saving say saying scratching Scripture sea seafarers secret secure seduce see seek seeketh seeking Seer seest send sense sent Serve serveth set severe shall shape should shouldst show sick sides sign sin sinful sins sit slave slaves slew smite so some somewhat son sons sort souls Sovereignty spake spakest spears Spirit spoken sport spread standard stead steadfast stern stirred stopped straight strangled strengthened Stress stretch strive striving strong succeed such support surely surrendered suspicion Sustainers sustenance swear swift swine swineflesh swore sworn table Take taken taketh taking tale task taste taught teach tears tell ten territory testimony than thanks That the Thee their theirs them themselves then thence there Therefor therein thereof thereunto therewith these they thief thine things third This those Thou though thought thoughts three through Thus Thy till time to together tongue tookest tooth Torah toward traced out trained transgress transgressed transgresseth transgression transgressors treachery tribe triumph trouble true truer trust truth truthful truthfulness try turn turned twelve two unbelief unclean underneath understand understanding unintentional unlawful Unto up upon us use used utter vain vehement Verily victorious victory vie virtuous vouchsafe vying wander war ward warner was wash Wasilah wast Watcher water way we went were what whatever whatsoever when Whereby wherein whereof wherewith wherewithal which while who Whom whose whoso Whosoever Why wickedness wide wild wilfully will willed wilt Wisdom Wise wish with withheld Witness witnesses Woe woman women words work works world Worlds worse Worship would wounds wrath wrong wrong doers wrong doing wrongdoing wroth ye years Yet you your yourselves