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Ar-Rahmaan - The Beneficent

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a abundant against all and appointed are asunder aught away banners barrier be beautiful beauty becometh before Beneficent beside between Blessed boiling both branches brass brocade But by carpets circling clay close guarded cometh company coral stone couches Countenance create created creatures cushions Dark date palm day deny dependents did displayed dispose earth Easts encroach entreat escape every Everyone exceed exerciseth fair fall favours feareth feet fierce fire flash flowing foliage for forelocks forth found fountains from fruit gardens gaze glorious Glory go good goodness grain green guilty hand hath have He heat heaven heavens hell herb hide him his Husked if in is it jacynth jinn jinni kind known like lined loosed Lord made man marks measure meet men Might Mighty modest moon name near neither never nor not O observe of on one ones other Our pairs palm trees pass pavilions pearl penetrate pomegranate potter s power prostrate punctual questioned Qur an Reclining red regions remaineth reward rosy round sanction save scented sea seas sent set shall sheathed ships short silk sin sky smokeless splitteth spreading springs standing stars strictly sun taken taught that the their them then there Therein thereof thereon They This those thy to touched trees two universal uplifted upon utterance water We Wests when Wherein Which who Whom will with ye you your