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Al-Hashr - The Exile

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a abiding Able above abstain adversity after against All Allah Allah s am among and any anyone are art as ascribe asunder attacked avarice awful be beareth beautiful because become been before behind believe believers belongings Beneficent between body bosoms both bounty breasts brethren but by came cast caused city coin commodity Compeller conduct confound consequence Creator cut decreed deemed descend devil disbelieve disbelieved disbelieveth divers do down driven duty earth entered equal every evil doers evil livers exile eyes Faith Fashioner fear fight find Fire first fled flee folk for forbiddeth forget Forgive forgot forth fortified from fugitives Full Garden gave given giveth Glorified glorifieth go great Guardian had hadst hands haply Hast hath have He hearts heavens help helped Hereafter Him His Holy homes horse houses how humbled hypocrites I If ill effects in indeed Informed into Invisible is it keep Keeper kin Knower learn leave left lesson let liars likeness Lo look Lord lordship lot love loyal Majestic man mankind may Merciful messenger might Mighty migration more morrow most mountain Muhammad names naught near need needy never no Not O obey observe observed of on One opposed or order orphans other Our out over own owners painful palm trees partner Peace People Pity place poor poverty prefer protect punished punishment quit Qur an rancour reached recked reflect refuge rent reprisal reward rich riding camel roots ruined saith sake save saved say Scripture seek seen sendeth sense Shaper short similitudes So soul souls Sovereign spoil standing stern strongholds successful Such suffered Superb surely take taste tell telleth terror than that the thee their theirs them themselves then there therefor therein thereof they things think this those thou though time to toward townships turned understand unto upon urged us verily very victorious villages Visible walls was wayfarer We were what whatsoever when whereas whereof which while who whole Whom whoso will Wise with witness world Worlds would ye you your