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Al-Mumtahana - She that is to be examined

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a Abraham Absolute accept account adultery afterward against All Allah allegiance allies am among and any are arisen as ascribe ask at avail Aware away back Be because believe believers believing beside Best between children Choose come commit Day deal dealers despair despaired devised disbelieve disbelievers disbelieving disobey do doeth done drive driven driving drove dues duty enemy enmity ever everyone evil examine faith father feet foes folk for forbiddeth forgive forgiveness Forgiving forth friendly friends friendship from fugitives give given gone good goodly graves guiltless hand hands hate hath have He helped Hereafter hide him his hold homes hostility I If in intent is it journeying judgeth judgment just justly keep kill kindness kindred know Knower Last lawful let lie like Lo long looketh Lord love loveth make maketh marry may Merciful messenger Mighty My naught neither no nor not nothing O oath of on only ordain our out own Owner part partner pattern pleasure Praise prey proclaim produce promised Prophet put religion repentant Resurrection return right said save secret seeking Seer send should show sin spent steal still strayed stretch strive such taking that the thee their them then there they thing those Thou though ties to told tongues toward triumph true trust truth turn until unto upon upper us Verily warred way we what when which who whom whose Whosoever will Wise with wives women worship wrong doers wroth ye you your