86:1By the sky and at-Tariq.

86:2But what will let you know what at-Tariq is?

86:3The Piercing Star.

86:4There is no soul without a Protector over it.

86:5Let man consider what he was created from.

86:6He was created from gushing liquid.

86:7Issuing from between the backbone and the breastbones.

86:8He is certainly able to return him.

86:9On the Day when the secrets are disclosed.

86:10He will have no strength, and no supporter.

86:11By the sky that returns.

86:12And the earth that cracks open.

86:13It is a Decisive Word.

86:15They plot and scheme.

86:16But I plot and scheme.

86:17Therefore, give the blasphemers respite, a brief respite.